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Franman's Business Ethics Policy
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Dealing With Suppliers and Customers
Franman obtains and keeps its business because of the quality and value of our services, and the respect and confidence we instill in our customers. Conducting business with suppliers and customers can pose ethical or even legal problems, especially in the sector the Company is involved in, where local laws and practices may be different from those with which we are familiar. The following guidelines are intended to help all members of personnel to make the "right" decision in potentially difficult situations:
Members of personnel may not accept neither offer gifts or money under any circumstances from and/or to suppliers or customers.
Purchases or sales of goods and services must not lead to members of personnel or their families receiving personal rewards. Rewards may take many forms and are not limited to direct cash payments. In general, if a member of personnel stands to gain personally through the transaction, this is prohibited. Such practices are not only unethical, but in many cases may be illegal.
Payments or offer of benefit of any kind other than those included in standard marketing policies of the Company may not be made to customers or prospective customers as an inducement for them to buy our services, The use of Franman's funds or assets for any unlawful or unethical purpose is strictly prohibited. Any payment which is improper when made by a member of personnel is likewise improper if made by a other third party on behalf of Franman, where Franman knows or has reason to know that the payment to a third party is for any purpose other than that disclosed on the payment documentation.
It is accepted as a reasonable business practice, members of personnel to offer or accept entertainment to or from customers, principals, suppliers in the course of normal business communication. However, offering or accepting entertainment, that is not a reasonable adjunct to a business relationship, but is primarily intended to gain favor or influence, should be avoided.
Agreements with agents, sales representatives, or consultants must be in writing in Company’s standard format, and must clearly and accurately set forth the services to be performed, the basis for earning the commission or fee involved, and the applicable rate or fee. Any such payments must be reasonable in amount, not excessive in light of the practice in the trade, and commensurate with the value of the services rendered. In some countries, local laws may prohibit the use of agents or limit the rate of commissions or fees.

Competitive Practices
Communications With Competitors
It is not illegal and may be appropriate for representatives of Franman and its competitors to meet and talk during business events, conventions, fairs etc. In such conversations, comment on such topics as pricing, sales levels, marketing methods, inventories, business goals, non-public market studies, and any proprietary or confidential information shall be avoided. Discussions regarding customers must be limited to the exchange of credit information.
Information About Competitors
As a business that competes in the marketplace, Franman may seek economic knowledge about its competitors. However, we will not engage in illegal or improper acts to acquire a competitor's trade secrets, customer lists, and information about company facilities, technical developments or operations. In addition, we will not hire a competitor's employees for the purpose of obtaining confidential information, or urge competitors' personnel, customers, or suppliers to disclose confidential information, nor shall we seek such information from competitors' employees subsequently hired by Franman.


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