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Naniwa Pump Mfg. Co., Ltd. produces and supplies all types of engine room pumps

Naniwa DSC 0021 s rs50 Fukui Works

Naniwa DSCF1428
    Testing facility for standard centrifugal pumps 

All Naniwa Pumps are completely designed and manufactured in two factories located in Japan, both following the rigorous quality control procedures of ISO9001 and other worldwide certification standards.  The machining is done using NC machines, and all pumps slated for delivery are submitted to 100% performance testing and inspections. Only those passing the testing and inspection are delivered. Standard features of Naniwa Pumps, backed by many years of experience and achievements, are as follows:


Simple construction for easy handling

indent1Compact size for easy installation and arrangement


High reliability and long service life






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In general, when NOx emissions are reduced, the fuel consumption and smoke generation will increase, adversely affecting both environment and management. As a solution to this, YANMAR has an innovative state-of-the-art-technology, that improves the fuel consumption and smoke generation in addition to reducing NOx emissions.

indent1Staggered Layout Multi-Hole Nozzle

By staggering the layout and using multiple injection holes, this design achieves sufficient total injection area and improves air utilization.

Staggered Layout Multi-Hole Nozzle

indent1Air Flow Motion

The optimally shaped ait intake port generates a suitable swirl (votex flow) in the combustion chamber as well as a squish in the compression stroke. This promotes fuel/ air mixing, improving combustion efficiency.

air flow motion

indent1 Miller Type Cam

Reduced air temperature before combustion  arrow Decreasing NOx

With the miller type cam in its intake stroke, the miller cycle closes the intake valve earlier than conventional combustion. By finishing the intake sroke earlier, the intake air expands and temperature in the cylinder decreases, and by reducing air temperature before combustion in the next compression stroke, the NOx emmission is reduced.

Miller Type Cam

indent1 High Pressure Ratio Turbocharger

Recovery of pressure in the cylinder arrow Improved fuel consumption

Using the method of finishing the intake stroke earlier alone decreases the air quantity charged in the cylinder, resulting in decreasing the cylinder pressure and worsening the specific fuel consuption. Increasing the intake pressure by high pressure ratio turbocharger during the short intake stroke ensures the quantity of charged air and fixes the cylinder pressure to restrain the increase of the specific fuel consumption.

High pressure ratio turbocharger


indent1 Relationship between Specific Fuel Consumption and NOx Emission

Fuel Consumption and NOx Emission

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RWO - Splitting and Filtration Unit (SFU): Solutions for pre-treatment of difficult bilge water

Changing compositions and concentrations, potential to emulsify and the increasing presence of particles and wastewater in bilge water can make the entire treatment process difficult. Problems with difficult bilge water will become a thing of the past thanks to the RWO’s special pretreatment system SFU.

bilge-water-filtration-system-for-ships-30670-241535The system comes as a complete package, skid mounted with all necessary accessories and controls and providing the following benefits:

  • indent1For difficult bilge water compositions
  • indent1Avoids operational problems in downstream oily water separator
  • indent1Emulsion splitting and particle removal in three consecutive steps
  • indent1Saves consumables
  • indent1Easy to install and handle
  • For more information click here to download the .pdf brochure.

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