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“Clean Ballast” – RWO’s proposal for the ballast water treatment

A busy 2010 closed with RWO’s technical seminars, held in Limassol and Athens. The technical seminars carried out in conjunction with Franman and in relation to the “Clean Ballast” - RWO’s proposal for the ballast water treatment - were presented by Mr. Soeren Scheid (Area Sales & Project Managerand) and Mr. Juergen Wiebking (Sales Manager) from RWO.
In Cyprus it was held at the Amathus Beach Hotel in Limassol, on Tuesday 14th December 2010, in association with Institute Of Marine Engineering Science & Technology IMarEST (Cyprus Branch).
In Athens it was held at the Metropolitan Hotel, on Thursday 16th of December 2010.
Both seminars were eagerly received by the participants and generated a plethora of questions and interest in the system which received type approval on September, 07th 2010.
A warm reception followed both seminars.
The CleanBallast system, has been developed over many years by water treatment experts from RWO, a Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies company. The system, consisting of a mechanical filter process and a special disinfection unit, has so far been ordered for more than 40 plants. A number of these plants have been installed and are in successful commercial operation since the end of 2009, making CleanBallast one of the few systems that can demonstrate a longer operational duration in commercial application.

If you wish further information please contact Mr.John Papazafiriou (email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , tel: +30 210 9532350).



From left to right:
Mr. John Papazafiriou (Managing Director / Franman Ltd), Mr. Soren Scheid (Area Sales & Project Manager), Mr. Juergen Wiebking (Area Sales & Project Manager), Mr. Bob Maxwell (Hon. Secretary of IMarEST)

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Launch of the medium-speed 6EY22 engine under the themes of "improving life cycle value" and "realizing a harmonious symbiosis with the nature"

Yanmar has launched the medium-speed marine auxiliary engine to be called 6EY22.
Ever since its establishment, Yanmar adopted the fundamental principle of "To save fuel is to serve mankind" and has continuously been involved in the development of innovative products and technologies. This way, Yanmar has contributed to the preservation of the world's energy and natural resources and the realization of a harmonious coexistence with the natural environment.
The 6EY22 engine has been developed based on the fundamental concepts of "improving life cycle value" and "realizing a harmonious symbiosis with the nature". It embodies the qualities of safety, reliability and durability together with competitive operation costs.


Main Features:

6EY22 is compliant with the International Maritime Organization IMO-2 NOx emission regulations scheduled to enter into effect as of January 1, 2011.
6EY22 features a Yanmar proprietary fuel combustion system together with a high pressure Miller-type cycle system that combines a Miller-type camshaft (which enables fast closing of the intake valve) with a high compression ratio turbocharger, allowing the simultaneous reduction of NOx emissions and fuel consumption.
6EY22 employs technologies that control the quantity of impurities in the combustion chamber when Heavy Fuel Oil is used, along with filtration mechanisms, which allow the maintenance interval to be increased.
The configuration of the engine has been improved to secure a larger space for maintenance, as well as easy dismantling and assembly.
The increase in engine output, modularization of the parts and im

proved configuration have resulted in the reduction of the space necessary for engine installation by about 17% compared with previous Yanmar engine models.
The separation of the fuel injection pump from the pump drive, together with the coating of the plunger with a special agent, significantly contribute to the reduction of SOx emissions.


Rated output (kW)
Rated speed (min-1)
No. of cylinders
Bore×Stroke (mm)
Generator capacity (kWe)

Marine auxiliary engine
220 × 320
Marine auxiliary engine
220 × 320

Date of launch:
May 2010

Anti Piracy Solutions

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eosFollowing the long line of successful co-operations and in response to the increasing threats facing the maritime industry we are glad to announce that we have entered into an Exclusive representation agreement with EOS RISK Management Limited, covering Greece and Cyprus.

Eos Risk Management, a U.K. based company, is a recognized, leading provider of specialist integrated maritime and offshore security risk mitigation solutions and training, provided in some of the most challenging environments facing the sector.

 Services include, but are not limited to:
•  Protective Security - Including vessel protection and anti-piracy teams;
•  Maritime Security Training - Including crew counter piracy and security awareness training and drills as well as onshore Port Facility Security Officer  and  Company Security Officer training.  Maritime security courses are approved by the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) and the Department for Transport (TRANSEC).
•  Security Equipment - Including acoustic hailing devices, detection, classification and deterrent systems;
•  Consultancy - including threat intelligence & risk assessments and ISPS compliance



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