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news_001Franman congratulates Yanmar for its successful contribution to global international industries the last century.  
It is 100 years since Yanmar first began operations.
In 1925, YANMAR entered the marine engine market by launching an oil engine for fishing boats. By the mid-1960s, YANMAR diesel engines had attained the top position in the fishing boat segment of the marine engine market. Then, in the 1970s, the company began to develop large engines and has progressively won the trust of the international maritime industry.
YANMAR has expanded its businesses to reflect the requirements of the times
from customers. During the 1970s, the group began shipbuilding. European and American users have highly evaluated YANMAR’s engines for pleasure boats. The company also has the top share in the world for engines for sail boats. YANMAR is growing into a general manufacturer that provides the maritime industry with a wide lineup of products ranging from marine engines to boats.

On the occasion of the 100 years anniversary Yanmar have decided to commemorate the event with a special logotype for use not just in Japan, but around the world, to raise awareness that they have reached this milestone.
Recalling a century of history, this dynamic logotype was designed in concert with the brand statement: “Solutioneering Together”, to evoke another 100 years of working together in a lasting relationship with their customers.

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It is twenty years since the initiation of the agreement with Naniwa Pump and KYMA A.S. Both companies have significantly contributed in the development of Franman the last two decades. The reliability, efficiency, good performance and overall professionalism are the basic characteristics of this long term cooperation.

Thus it is our honour to dedicate a few words for each of the companies that stood beside us and helped us develop many successful customer alliances.



Naniwa Pump Mfg. Co., Ltd. is aiming to provide the world's best quality and service in the field of Marine Engine Room Pumps.

All Naniwa Pumps are designed and manufactured in two factories located in Japan, both following the rigorous quality control procedures of IS0 9001 and other worldwide certification standards.

The machining is done using NC machines, and all pumps for delivery are submitted to 100% performance testing and inspections. Only those passing the testing and inspection are delivered.
Furthermore Naniwa pump implemented a new productivity improvement project, "Production Revolution NP-130", which enables to provide better deliveries with shorter lead-time at reduced costs. Naniwa is the only company in the world capable of producing and supplying all types of marine pumps.


kymaKYMA A.S,

Kyma since the early 1970s is supplying the marine industry with accurate and reliable ship performance systems. Kyma a.s is a specialist company in the field of manufacture and development of products for marine performance monitoring. The vast experience gained through the years made it possible to introduce computer based expert systems for steam turbine plants and motorships.

The company delivers high quality products for performance monitoring to all types of vessels. Kyma has a highly qualified staff within all areas of our production and are located in modern production facilities in Bergen, Norway.
With installations on more than 3000 vessels correct quality is a joint goal for all Kyma employees, and this is  used actively as a tool to obtain an adequate and continual profitability.

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RWO's ballast water treatment system received RMRS Type Approval

Classification society Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RMRS) has issued a type approval certificate for the RWO ballast water treatment system CleanBallast.
During the international exhibition NEVA in St. Petersburg, Victor V. Grishkin, Senior Principal Surveyor at RMRS, handed over the certificate to RWO.
CleanBallast can now be installed on any Russian-flagged vessel. The modular ballast water treatment system can easily be integrated in existing on-board processes and systems and is thus applicable for new builds as well as retrofittings; the components can be arranged to suit the available space and piping layout of ballast water systems.

Currently, RWO has 47 CleanBallast units in its order book, and as of end-September 30 CleanBallast installations had been successfully put into operation. The start-up of most of these units took place in China and were tested here with water from the Yang-tze river, one of the most difficult ballast waters in the world.
CleanBallast is thus one of the very few ballast water treatment systems that exist not only on paper and is type-certified, but can also demonstrate long-term commercial operation experience – at present with over 33 years of cumulated successful opera-tion in commercial use!

RWO GmbH is a leading supplier of systems for water and wastewater treatment aboard ships and offshore platforms, and has been a reliable partner of the maritime industry for more than 35 years. RWO's network of more than 40 qualified sales/service stations established throughout the world ensures customer benefits from short communications links and rapid response times.

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