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Detect clean drains and economise your oil-water separation

A small issue with big outcome
Aboard every ship, so called 'clean drains' are treated in oil-water separation systems and strain machines and resources. These clean drains usually consist of leakage of and condensate from equipment used for seawater, fresh water, steam, air conditioning, etc., which are usually not contaminated by oil. Based on the IMO guidelines for 'Integrated bilge water treatment systems" (IMO MEPC.1/Circ.642), RWO has developed the BilgeEconomiser.

The BilgeEconomiser allows ship operators to discharge so called 'clean drains' overboard without any further treatment. As a consequence the bilge water volume handled by the oily water separator is much smaller, which reduces operating cost significantly.




Working principle
The BilgeEconomiser is an easy to operate standalone oil monitor with automatic and manual 3-way valves and is installed after the discharge pump of the clean drain holding tank. As long as the oil content of the clean drain is below the set discharge limit value, it is discharged directly overboard. Whenever the oil content exceeds the set limit value it is diverted to the bilge holding tank for further treatment by the oily water separator.



indent1Increased cargo capacity due to smaller bilge  holding

indent1Fewer operations of OWS required (not allowed in
    certain areas/ports)

 indent1Smaller oily water separator (reduced capex)

 indent1Increased maintenance intervals and reduced labour



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Donghwa Entec within the frame of continuous efforts for fuel savings has developed their proposal for an Energy Saving System related to the operation of Central Cooling System of vessels.

ess donghwa entec


Energy Saving System is an automated system which optimizes the main sea water pumps operation on board vessels. Heat occurred during ship's operation is cooled down by sea water.

When the actual inlet sea water temperature is lower than the designed one, thermal capacity of auxiliary equipment is enhanced. Consequently, the flow rate of sea water can be reduced. Following load changing, Energy Saving System can control power consumption on Main Cooling Sea Water pumps in Central Cooling System with inverters, Temperature Transmitter, Pressure Transmitter and Difference Pressure transmitter for frequency control.

Real performance data received from system's monitoring from installations on vessels reveal a 70% maximum energy saving was achieved on Generator Engine requirement for Central Cooling System.


 The IMO is developing the Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) for new ships, which is an indication of a ship's CO2 efficiency. So, by applying ESS in a vessel, we reduce the environmental impact of human activity while improving its energy efficiency and focusing on the Green Shipping development.

As a result economic analysis confirmed that under present oil rates payback time is estimated to be 12 months. Energy Saving System offers to users:

essenergy saving system


indent1High Energy Saving rate of more than 40%

indent1CO2 reduction by saving Fuel Oil

indent1Automatic Flushing
        Adjusted flushing timing

        minimum flow rate can be set

indent1Continuous operation through variable pump speed control

indent1Start Current reduction

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As a leading manufacturer of marine electrical products, Taiyo Electric Co., Ltd. has been producing and marketing diverse system products, such as Thyrister inverter type shaft generating system and VVVF inverter control system. Those system products have been favorably adopted by the ship owners who concerns energy saving operation.

Today, we keep focusing and evolving those system products; and one of our solutions is the conversion system that makes AC power from DC power according to PWM technology by using IGBT module. The electrical characteristic of the inverted AC power is exactly same as that of diesel generator.

Besides, this technology is applied to our PWM shaft generating system and Turbo charger generating system; and those are already commercialized and obtain a high evaluation, especially fuel oil saving factor, from shipbuilders and ship owners.


Main Features:

indent1Electric characteristic of the system is the same as the ship's diesel generator (DG).

indent1The system has voltage and frequency droop characteristic.

indent1The system has governor functionality (raise & lower).

indent1Parallel running operation with the ship's DG is possible continuously.

indent1SC for THYRISTOR type - SG System can not need.

indent1Sustained short-circuit current (300%, 2sec) can be supplied.

indent1Voltage distortion factor is suppressed at 5% or less.

indent1The system efficiency is improved (without SC).


Our latest technology is contributing ship's ecology and energy-saving operation; and Taiyo Electric will continue evolving the reliable power and control for future ship generating plant.


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