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Submitted by France, Norway and Canada, the IMO has launched "Additional Guidelines for implementation of the convention BWM".

The new rule addresses the stripping operations of ballast tanks via ejector. Ballast water may not ve considerd as processed (and pumped aboard) when direct seawater is used as driving water. It is not possible to differ between local and invasive aliens during de-ballasting.

At present, there is the possibility to use already treated ballast water from a ballast tank as driving water. It may be necessary to install additional piping.

General information/ guide for Stripping operation of ballast water tanks via Ejector

A possible method would be to nominate a "tactical ballast tank". In order to guarantee sufficient quantinty of drive medium for the ejector  (ballast water stored in the "tactical ballast tank"), this " tactical ballast tank" should be kept in a partly filled condition.

Piping in between "tactical ballast tank" and general service pump, as well as in between ejector and "tactical ballast tank" has to be arranged in appropriate diameter and arrangement (Schema).

The filling level of the "tactical ballast tank" can be adjusted by normal de-ballasting operation via the ballast pumps (not indicated in below schema).

RWO Schema of stripping operation via ejetorNote: The "tactical ballast tank" should be chosen and operated as not to influent the ship safety, stability or economical efficiency of the vessel.

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