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DONGHWA ENTEC - Company Info

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Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers,Plate Heat Exchangers,LNG Vaporizers, Deaerators & LNGC Equipment, Fresh Water Generators,F.O.Supply Units, Air Coolers for M/E, G/E, A/E

Donghwa Entec was established in 1980 in Pusan, S. Korea. Since then, the company has evolved into a professional manufacturer of heat exchangers and charged air coolers for diesel engines. They successfully developed and manufactured Air Coolers for two-stroke and four-stroke engines and supply coolers to all major engine manufacturers. Customer satisfaction is based on Thermal Design, Engineering and Maintenance Service and DongHwa Entec has at the moment achieved to reach 50% of the world market share.

In 1989 the company was approved by major classification societies for the fabrication of pressure vessels, whilst in 1994 an agreement with SONDEX A/S of Denmark for the production of Plate Type Heat Exchangers, was concluded. In the year 2000 Donghwa reached one more license agreement with Caird & Rayner Clark of U.K. which allowed the company to proceed in the manufacturing of Multi Stage Fresh Water Generators. Finally, since 2001 following an agreement with MES of Japan Donghwa now also produces LNG Vaporizers.

Recently they have moved production to a new factory at Noksan National Industrial Complex, located in Pusan. The new factory is equipped with the most excellent facilities and also houses Donghwa's intensive R&D Center which was registered at the Ministry of Technology in 1992 and is constantly aiming to develop new products and improve existing ones.

Donghwa prides itself for the fact that all inquiries are processed within 24 hours, and aims for 100% customer satisfaction with zero claims.




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