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Representation of First Class Makers of Marine Equipment for merchant vessels has been at the core of Franman’s activities since its establishment.
Today’s representations cover the following:

indent1Engine Room
indent1Cargo Handling and Hull Machinery

The “New Building” Division function is to introduce and promote its principals to shipping companies in Greece, Cyprus and the greater Eastern Mediterranean area.

Introduction is effected via continuous communications with the customer to acquaint them with the Principals equipments and products while for the effective promotion we utilize various available marketing tools, like seminars, workshops, participation to exhibitions, targeted advertisements, etc.

Thereafter Franman’s involvement in a specific new building project begins at an early stage. Our first objective is to ensure to the extent possible, that the equipment we represent are included in the shipyard’s maker list. Our ultimate target, is to pursue an agreement between maker and owner with the best possible terms for both parties concluding in a win-win scenario.

We are able to achieve this based on our in depth know-how of our markets, our experience and the close business relationships we have established with the shipping companies since our company’s formation back in 1991 and utilized for the benefit of both our customers and our principals.


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